COVID-19 Safety Measures

In Effect for 2020 Season

Lakeshore Paddle Sport Rentals takes the safety of our customers and Staff very seriously. We must adhere to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC and WEDC during this very serious health issue. We must reserve the right of refusal in the event we feel your actions may jeopardize the health of our Staff and other customers.

Below are our guidelines and rules we have implemented for safe rentals. We ask you to work with us in following these guidelines. Our safe operation relies on all of us. Thank You!


Please do not rent any equipment if you are sick or believe yourself to have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 21 days.

Please visit our website and print our liability release form. Read and fill out liability waiver form and bring with you to the rental area. There will be liability forms available on site that can be safely read and filled out, but we strongly prefer you to bring a completed form with you.

We will be accepting payment in cash, only if you have exact amount. Please see our Rentals page for pricing (sales tax has been figured into the price). If paying in cash, please have exact amount. Credit card payments will be accepted by touchless POS device only.

We request all renters wear a face mask when interacting with staff and other customers. Once on the boat and clear from the dock, the decision to wear a mask is up to each renter. Mask must be in place when loading and unloading from boat.

If you have your own PFD (life jacket), we encourage you to bring it along and wear it.


All staff will be wearing appropriate PPE masks when interacting with patrons as well as disinfecting hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be available for patrons’ use. We have clearly marked lines on the ground 6 feet apart to assist in maintaining a safe social distance.

Signage will be displayed on site to explain requirements for rental as well as CDC recommendations regarding social distancing and general safety.

All surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day. This includes tables, clipboards, pens, POS register. All Boats will be disinfected after each use.

Life jackets (PFDs) will be disinfected throughout day as well as being placed in the sun for additional disinfectant purposes. If you are over 18 and a strong swimmer, you may waive wearing a life jacket. One life jacket per adult who waives wearing will be on boat per DNR laws. All passengers under age 18 MUST wear life jackets while renting equipment, regardless of swimming skills. Again, if you own PFDs for your children, we encourage you to bring your own. If you don’t have life vests for children, we will provide a PFD for each child in your group or family.

Only members of the same household allowed on each boat. Patrons can be divided into groups of two, three and four.

The staff at Lakeshore Paddle Sport Rentals are committed to providing our patrons access to a safe and healthy outdoor activity in these challenging times. We can only accomplish this with YOUR help and cooperation.

Thank You!
Lakeshore Paddle Sport Rentals Management and Staff